Glamping in Shropshire


 We are a dog friendly premises

Visitors are able to enjoy the romance of camping without the stress of pitching a tent and enduring the “Great British Weather”. Known by it’s nickname of ‘Glamping’, the appeal of the camping pod is that it essentially camping, but without the tent! You may still ask yourself why should we go Glamping, well, here are just some of the reaons why you should try it here at The Kings Head.

  • everything is already set up when you get there, you just move straight in.
  • all you need to bring is your own camping mat and bedding
  • you avoid the adverse effects of driving rain or the chore of taking down and drying wet tents
  • there is no wind whip or flapping to keep you awake at night
  • you have more privacy and security
  • you can enjoy all the benefits of an insulated structure in both winter and summer
  • option of having heat, light and other electrical devices
  • and last, but not least it offers affordable accommodation in the centre of a fabulous town

Within the ‘pod pound’ there is also our very own porpose built toilet block that houses a ladies and gents toilet, complete with a wash basin and communal shower cubicles